College of Design & Technology has been started with a view of promoting Arts and technology in Central India. The College hopes to nurture new art forms blending them with innovative technologies in the interactive environment of the college. College of Design & technology, promises a continuous search for excellence and endeavours to set standards against global benchmarks in professional designing and technology. Here as educators and scholars, we are committed to the continuous expansion of knowledge, talents and skills. Our goal is to establish a cutting edge contribution in a variety of disciplines represented by us. The College believes in facilitating the movement of the industry and education though strategic initiatives. The divergent structure of our programs continuously addresses the shifting nature of Arts and technology.

We are sure you are aware of the career streams that are emerging beyond conventional. Undoubtedly nation needs Scientists to invent, Engineers to make, Economists to define economy, Managers to manage, Accountants to keep books and Marketers to sell but it also needs Designers to create things.

The examples are all around us in form of usefully designed Dresses & accessories; Buildings, hotels & homes; Books, magazines, catalogues & websites; Gazettes, gizmos and equipments, etc. To be liked by us, they all had to go through a rigorous design process in the hands of qualified, experienced and talented designers.

The origin of CODT is credited to the fact that design in India is still a talent starved area where only a handful institutes/Colleges struggle to meet one tenth of national demand. This is the gap that CODT aims to reduce by grooming good designers in selected fields. It is at Indore- one of the fastest growing tier II cities in India and business capital of MP. Only one to host IIM and IIT together, Indore is well connected with air, road and rail with rest of the country.

CODT has commenced its journey in 2013 and in time to come, will be unparalleled across country. Global vision carried through by rich faculty; serene settings; large campus in the heart of the city; well equipped workshops, studios and other infrastructural facilities will ensure this at a fee that is highly affordable.